Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Go South to Freedom

Frye Gaillard’s latest book, Go South to Freedom, can be ordered now! The book, a historical novel for young readers about a runaway slave family, is based on a piece of oral history shared with me by my old and dear friend, Robert Croshon. Kirkus called the novel
 “an informative and well-told story … that needs to be remembered and retold,”
and praised the illustrations by Alabama artist Anne Kent Rush. Irene Latham, author of the superb YA novel, Leaving Gees Bend, said
 “Go South to Freedom is a campfire story for all ages, filled with surprise and adventure, truth and sadness, and ultimately hope….”
Joyce Hansen, who has written extensively about the Underground Railroad, declared,
“You feel as if you’re sitting at the feet of an ancient griot recounting the history of a people,”
and Greg Neri, winner of the Coretta Scott King Award, concluded that
“Gaillard tells this heartfelt Southern epic in a way that puts you smack in the middle of a slave family’s escape. A must-read for schools.” 
Writing for young readers is new territory for me, so I’m encouraged. I wish my friend Robert were still around to read the book he encouraged me to write.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Teachers' Guide for Go South to Freedom

NewSouth Books has just released a 48-page teacher's guide to go with Frye Gaillard's historical novel for young readers, Go South to Freedom. The guide includes sample questions in multiple subject areas for each chapter, as well as highly imaginative suggestions for projects and activities for students. It was prepared by Gaillard's wife, Dr. Nancy Gaillard, and her University of South Alabama College of Education colleague, Dr. Abbie Baxter, and is available for free download at Here's a link if you want to check it out: Download the guide.
Gaillard says: "I'm extremely pleased with the teacher's guide. It's creative and thoughtful, brilliant really. Thanks to these two fine educators for the work they have done, and to NewSouth Books for going the extra mile."