Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Quilt and the Poetry of Alabama Music

By Frye Gaillard and Kathryn Scheldt
New Edition, 2015 from NewSouth Books

With a combination of song lyrics and reflective essays, Frye Gaillard and Kathryn Scheldt pay tribute to the literary legacy of Alabama songwriters. Included here are reflections on the works of Hank Williams, Emmylou Harris, W.C. Handy, Arthur Alexander and many others. “People know how hard life is,” says Emmylou. “They need music that will give words and expression to the feelings they have.” In addition to celebrating the contributions of other writers, Gaillard and Scheldt have assembled lyrics to some of their own songs, thus contributing to the legacy they admire. “What a cool project!” declares Nashville songwriter Marshall Chapman, author of They Came to Nashville.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Watermelon Wine: Remembering The Golden Years Of Country Music

25th Anniversary Edition!
Originally published 25 years ago, Watermelon Wine was praised for its honest, unsentimental examination of the compassion as well as the passion behind authentic country music. Author Frye Gaillard looked at the commercialization of the Grand Ole Opry; the tradition-minded rebels such as Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, and Tompall Glaser; the growing divide between country and folk music; how Johnny Cash inspired new songwriters and new ideas; how the changing relationships between men and women were affecting the music; the role of God and gospel; and Southern rock's increasing influence. A quarter-century later, the essays in the book seem prophetic and in many cases have become even more relevant. A new introduction by Nashville music journalist Peter Cooper and a new afterword by the author update the book's themes and show what has happened to its personalities.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Prophet from Plains: Jimmy Carter and His Legacy

Prophet from Plains covers Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter's major achievements and setbacks in light of what has been at once his greatest asset and his greatest flaw: his stubborn, faith-driven integrity. Carter's remarkable postpresidency is still in the making; however, he has already redefined the role for all who follow him.

"What comes across clearly is the burning conviction and endless energy of Jimmy Carter."
--Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Dream Long Deferred

Now in its third printing, The Dream Long Deferred tells the fifty-year story of the landmark struggle for desegregation in Charlotte, N.C. In the early 1970s, Charlotte’s public school system became the national test case for busing, and after a turbulent beginning, the community quietly emerged as a model for making desegregation work. But in the 1990s, a new wave of conservative leadership pushed for the re-segregation of schools, creating once again a sense of uncertainty and upheaval. Having covered this story as a journalist, Gaillard steps back and recounts the journey of one community in confronting the legacy of racial segregation.

“Gaillard offers thorough research, perceptiveness, balance, and an engaging style that leaves room for one’s own conclusions… A compelling account.”
New York Times Book Review

“… superb … one of the best books written on integration in an American city.”
Peter Applebome, Dixie Rising

In the Path of the Storms

With Sheila Hagler and Peggy Denniston

In the Path of the Storms is a vivid and touching tribute to a community caught between a reeling economy and a devastated landscape. Frye Gaillard puts his ear to the ground and listens to individual and collective stories of how Bayou La Batre – once a thriving, multi-cultural fishing village – emerged from past hardships and, after Katrina, prepares for an uncertain future.”
-- Patricia Foster, author of All the Lost Girls

“The partnership of the three (authors) was a resounding success, as every page of their beautiful book demonstrates.”
-- John Sledge, The Mobile Register